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Collegiate Council

The Collegiate Council is the faculty council of the College of Arts and Humanities. Each academic unit in the College elects one member (and one alternate who attends and votes in the absence of the elected representative) from among its faculty. Faculty representatives serve a term of two years from July 1 after election and may not serve for more than two successive terms. The Dean has voice, but no vote, in the Collegiate Council. *NOTE: The Collegiate Council is a parliamentary body, in which members are identified by and representative of the various instructional units within the college.

Council Members

American StudiesLa Marr Bruce4155 Susquehanna
ArtBrandon Morse 1211E Parren J. Mitchell
Art History & ArchaeologyAnthony Colantuono1211  Parren J. Mitchell - Art Soc301-405-1496

ClassicsEric Adler (Vice-Chair)1210 Marie Mount Hall
CommunicationLinda Aldoory2122 Skinner
EnglishAmanda Bailey (Chair)2119 Tawes
HistoryThomas Zeller2117 Taliaferro
Jewish StudiesMatthew Suriano4130 Susquehanna
Languages, Literatures and Cultures, School of

Andrew Schonebaum


Mary Ellen Scullen

4104 Jimenez Hall


1105C Jimenez Hall





Omer Preminger

1401 Marie Mt. Hall



Music, School ofGran Wilson3121 Clarice Smith Performing Arts
PhilosophyJerrold Levinson1108C Skinner
Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies, School  ofAdrian Fang1937 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Ctr.301-405-3195
Women's StudiesRoberto Benedicto2101 Woods
ARHU-Staff Representative Claire Goebeler3215D Jimenez


Additional Councils & Committees