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Tecnnology Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Tecnnology Advisory Committee (TAC) is charged with advising the College of Arts and Humanities on strategy and policy in the application of new technologies in scholarship, instruction, and creative activities. The committee is comprised of faculty and staff members who represent various units within the college.


Adrianna Atkinson (Staff Council Representative), School of Languages Literatures and Cultures

Changel Rodriguez, Department of History

Hester Baer, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Liese Zahabi, Department of Art

Linday Dupertuis (Graduate Student Representative)

Peng Wang, Department of Communication

Perla Guerrero (Collegiate Council Representative), American Studies

Trevor Munoz (Ex-officio) Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Jennifer Patterson (Ex-officio) Academic Computing Services

Kathy Cavanaugh (Ex-officio), Dean's Office



Additional Councils & Committees

 *NOTE: The Collegiate Council is a parliamentary body, in which members are identified by and representative of the various instructional units within the college.  All other committees (APAC, APT, CNT, PCC) are non-parliamentary bodies.