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Humanities Center Task Force


Humanities Center Task Force Mission and Plan 2011-12

The Humanities Center Task Force (2011-12) has been charged with developing a plan for promoting research in the Arts and Humanities, in all senses of the word “promoting.”  Building on the work of the previous task force (2008-09) and the results of the Administrative Council’s January 2012 retreat, the Task Force plans to submit a set of recommendations to the Dean by April 2012.

Committee Members for 2012- 2013


  Title Department Email Ext
Nicky Everette Director of Communications ARHU 56714
Dawn Gavin Professor ARTT 51465
James Klumpp Professor COMM 56520
Sheri Parks Chair & Assoc. Dean  ARHU 56255
Charley Rutherford  Asst. Professor & Assoc. Dean  ARHU 52091
Ethan Watermeier Grad Rep. & Coordinator  ARHU 52090
Bernie Cooperman Assoc. Professor HIST 54271
Jane Hirschberg Community Engagement Manager CSPAC 58172
Zita Nunes Assoc. Professor ENGL 53801
Larry Witzleberg Professor MUSC 55502
Christina Hanhardt Asst. Professor AMST 51360
Jessica Enoch Assoc. Professor ENGL 53809
Ryan Heisinger Undergrad Rep. AMST  
Ashley Richerson Coordinator ARHU 52095