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When is Access2Alumni?
This year's event is on April 20, 2017, at 4pm.

Where does Access2Alumni take place?
Access2Alumni takes place in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, located on campus near Maryland Stadium.

Where can I park?
Free parking is available in Lot 1 after 4 p.m. Need directions? See here.

Is it ok if I can't arrive at 4pm?
While we highly encourage students to arrive at 4pm to get the most out of this event, we do understand that students have many obligations to fulfill. Please arrive when you are able, the event typically runs for 2-3 hours after start time.

What should I wear?
Smart or business casual is the preferred dress code for this event--many alumni are looking for prospective interns or hires and so it's always good to put your best foot forward--but of course, we welcome everyone and alumni are aware that you lead busy and demanding lives! (It wasn't so long ago that they were in your shoes...)

My area of study isn’t in the list of roundtables. What does that mean?
Access2Alumni is for all ARHU students, regardless of major. Students may visit as many roundtables as they wish. Students will discover that many graduates are working in areas far afield from their undergraduate majors. Alumni provide strong testimony that an ARHU degree in any major is excellent preparation for nearly any career field.

What exactly do I do when I get there? Who should I be talking to about what?
Fear not, we have compiled a "Student Guide" that outlines what to expect and has great examples of questions to ask the alumni and prospective employers you might meet at A2A. This document is a great prep tool, make sure to check it out! View the guide HERE.

What’s new this year?
Access2Alumni is new every year! Each year we bring together dozens of alumni plus an exciting new guest speaker so that students attending in multiple years can get an exceptional, unique experience each time. Additionally, whereas in previous years we had tables assigned to certain majors, we are now offering themed and topical roundtables that apply to ALL ARHU majors! Keep checking back for this year’s roundtables and guest speaker.

I’m not a graduating senior. Should I attend Access2Alumni?
Yes! There’s plenty of great stuff for students of all levels -- even freshmen and those with undeclared majors. This is your chance to explore lots of career fields, talk to successful ARHU alumni, and maybe even learn about internships and job opportunities. Plus there are cool prizes!

Who sponsors Access2Alumni?
Access2Alumni is presented by the Arts and Humanities Alumni Association Chapter Board, with support from the College of Arts and Humanities. In addition, many undergraduate student groups help spread the word among their membership.

I have some suggestions for next year’s event. Whom do I contact?
We love to receive feedback so that we can ensure each year’s event is top-notch for students. Send your feedback and suggestions to