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Feb. 2009: Energy

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
4:30-6:00 PM
Gildenhorn Recital Hall,Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
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The global energy crisis is not a challenge for scientists and economists alone. Humanists and artists can show us new ways to understand and address the problem.

This year's main WORLDWISE event – ENERGY– will showcase the creative ways faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students have taken on this issue.

Please join us for a unique evening of five original presentations of fiction, music, art, rhetoric, and drama, with two entertaining interludes of improvisation performances that speak to the global energy crisis.

Free and open to the public

An onstage Talk Back with the creators and reception in the upper pavilion immediately following the presentations.


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Can anyone make an environmental difference from small changes in behavior in 30 days?  To make this question tangible, art students rendered 30 days of university waste into three dimensional sculpture and video commentary.

Creator and presenter Kenny Stancil, BA Student, Department of Art

“The (Forgotten) Tale of Mother Mettle & the Mine Brothers - A Speculative Folktale”

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War and industrial waste render particular metals and minerals the most valuable on earth.  The Homeless, left to collect our refuse, and Congolese, war-torn miners of precious materials, come to power and wealth in a post-sustainable world. But their own choices may lead to new disasters...if only they can remember what led to problems in the first place. Creator Hank Lewis, Assistant Professor, MFA Program in Creative Writing
Performers Lauren Bush, BA Student, English
Temi Fakinlede, BA Student, English
James Ocita, MFA in Fiction Writing

“Improvisational Interlude – ENERGY Games One”

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Creators and Performers Erasable, Inc.

“Rusty Ladder to the Sun”

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Melding image and sound, this marimba duo is inspired by a photograph that brings together diverse elements of energy limitation and possibility.
Creator Elisabeth Mehl, DMA Student, School of Music
Performers Lee Hinkle and Vishal Panchal, marimba
Photography Philip Renich

Melding image and sound, this marimba duo is inspired by a photograph that brings together diverse elements of energy limitation and possibility.

“Global Stalling”

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How do we reconcile opposing viewpoints in debating super-heated issues? Could the ancient Greeks have done it? This essay explores some rhetorical roadblocks and repairs in the climate change conversation.
Creator and Presenter Dan Collinge, MA Student, Department of English

“Improvisational Interlude – ENERGY Games Two”

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Creators and Performers Erasable, Inc.


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Metaphor and parable are potent tools in the arts and humanities. But what is the appropriate metaphor for our search for energy solutions? Here are some possibilities.
Creator Robert Friedel, Professor, Department of History
Performers Kyle Kallgren
Michael Rosscoe
Director Gordon Anson

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