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Assessing Writing

Writing Rubrics

Teachers in other disciplines often ask for ways to evaluate their students’ writing.  They want to know what to look for and what questions to raise. This collection of resources provides a variety of disciplinary rubric help.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Writing (But Were Afraid to Ask) Michael Reder, Connecticut College

What should all faculty know about using and assigning writing inside and outside of the classroom?  This essay offers ideas for faculty to use writing to help students learn material, strategies for  designing and sequencing formal written assignment, and a well-tested (and time-saving) framework for offering students feedback on their writing.

Thinking about essay question construction:
"I'd like to use essay tests, but . . ."  Marilla Svinicki, University of Texas

You can only go so far in improving your essay questions. Sooner or later you have to get the students to improve their answers. This article suggests three areas where they might start.


Teaching Scientific Report Writing Using Rubrics P.J. Bennett, University of Colorado – Boulder 

This essay explores how understanding the learning goals associated with a scientific report helps students learn how to write them.  Disseminating these learning goals to students is accomplished with a rubric.

Laboratory report rubrics:

Biological sciences (University of MN)

Chemistry 101  (really nice and clear rubric)

Upper division biochemistry lab

Engineering upper division case study

Physics information summary document


History essay checklist (University of MN)