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Diversity Courses

SPRING 2016  
Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse Title
AMST101Introduction to American Studies
AMST120Culture, Identity, and the Global Economy
AMST202Cultures of Everyday Life in America
AMST203Popular Culture in America
AMST212Diversity in American Culture
AMST298C/AAST200Introduction to Asian American Studies
Introduction to Native American Cultures of the United States
Women of Color Feminisms and Solidarities
Growing Up Asian American: The Asian Immigrant Family and the Second Generation
Refugee Studies Remixed! Resettlement, the Second Generation and Beyond
AMST418M/AMST628KEmbodied Knowledge: Theorizing and Historicizing "The Black Body"
AMST418N/AAST498MAsian American Public Policy
AMST429J/ARHU439JSocial Activism and Popular Culture
AMST498DAfricana Thought in the Americas
Asian American Politics
AMST629NComparative Race and Ethnicity
ARAB410American and Middle Eastern Stereotypes in Popular Film and Television
ARAB499AArab Cultures, Societies and Ideologies
ARTH373Latin American and Latino Art Since 1945
ARTH382Art of Japan before 1500
ARTH488MMexican Muralism: Nation, Race, Revolution
CHIN213Chinese Poetry into English
CHIN306Life in China through TV Plays II
CHIN318Chinese Film and Culture
CHIN332Chinese Culture through Traditional Chinese Arts
CHIN402Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHIN418FLiterature and the City
CHIN429EEthnicity and Diversity in China
CHIN441Traditional Chinese Fiction
CMLT235Black Diaspora Literature and Culture
CMLT270Global Literature and Social Change
CMLT280Film Art in a Global Society
COMM360The Rhetoric of Black America
COMM468Arab Media
COMM469Rhetoric of Oppressed Peoples
COMM498VVisual rhetoric
DANC138PHip Hop
DANC138WWest African Dance
DANC784Dance in a Global Context
EALL300The Languages of East Asia
ENGL234African-American Literature to Present
ENGL241What The Novel Does
ENGL261Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain
ENGL289JLiterature and the Invention of Ethical Imagination
ENGL289Literary Maryland
ENGL317African American Literature
ENGL349JLiterature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora
ENGL349TAsian American Graphic Novels
ENGL361Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain
ENGL362Caribbean Literature in English
ENGL470African-American Literature: The Beginning to 1910
ENGL472African-American Literature: 1945 to Present
ENGL479LRace & Literary Experimentation in 21st Century African American Literature
ENGL628Readings in African American Literature
ENGL702Cultures of Theory
HIST208FLatin American Revolution
HIST220The Atlantic World in the Age of Exploration, Conquest, and Settlement
HIST222Immigration and Ethnicity in Ameica
HIST245The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIST251Latin America Since Independence
HIST255African-American History, 1865-Present
HIST285East Asian Civilization II
HIST319NModern History of Korea
HIST319RGenghis Khan and the Mongols
HIST328CUrban Life in Modern Iran
HIST328MPeoples and Communities in Early America
HIST354Ante-Bellum America 1815-1861
HIST419EEthnicity and Tribalism in Africa
HIST419W/HIST619OThe Other Side of the Black Atlantic
HIST463History of the Old South
HIST473History of the Caribbean
HIST483History of Japan Since 1800
Introduction to Global Digital Humanities
KORA345Korean Language and Linguistics
KORA398DPolitical Economy of Regional Rivalry
LASC235/SPAN235Issues in Latin American Studies II
LASC248ARepresentations of the Bandit in Latin American Culture
LASC251Latin America Since Independence
LASC286Internship in Latin American/Caribbean Studies
LASC348ECaribbean Literature
LASC348RCaribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain
LASC448ILatin American and Caribbean Thought
LASC448QAmazon Through Film
Art and Sexuality in Latin America
LING659MMayan Languages
MUSC204Popular Music in Black America
MUSC205History of Popular Music
MUSC210The Impact of Music on Life
MUSC215World Pop Musics and Identity
MUSC220Selected Musical Cultures of the World
MUSC438EMusic of the Balkans
MUSC438NMexican and Mexican/American Music
PHIL408LLatin American and Caribean Thought
PORT223Portuguese Culture
PORT229/SPAN229ARepresentations of the Bandit in Latin American Culture
RELS319Introduction to Native American Cultures of the United States
SPAN303Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World
SPAN362Latin American Literatures and Cultures II:From Independence to Nation Formation
SPAN363Latin American Literatures and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism
SPAN408TLatina/o Communities and Language Struggles
SPAN408WParadise Lost: Cuban Cinematic Culture
SPAN408XThe Usable Past: Reflecting on Archives in Contemporary Fictions and Films from the Southern Cone
SPAN798KWriting Mexico: Text, Voice, and Nation
USLT202U.S. Latina/o Studies II: A Contemporary Overview, 1960s to Present
USLT488BUS Latina/o Senior Seminar
USLT498A/AMST498GLatinas/os on the Silver Screen
USLT498B/AMST498MLatinas/os and U.S. Popular Culture
Immigrant Communities, Leadership, and Organizing
WMST265Constructions of Manhood and Womanhood in the Black Community
WMST275World Literature by Women
WMST452Women in the Media
WMST468BSonic Representations of Gender & Sexuality in the African Diaspora
WMST488DFeminist Questions, Queer Research: The Caribbean as Context