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Inaugural Rosenker Lecture: "So a Liberal and a Conservative Walk Into a Bar. No Joke. How to Disagree and Stay Friends in America Today"

10/18/18 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Skinner Building, Room 0200

Join the Mark and Heather Rosenker Center for Communication and Civic Leadership and the department of Commnication at the University of Maryland (UMD) for the the inagural Rosenker Lecture Series in Political Communication entitled, "So a Liberal and a Conservative Walk Into a Bar. No Joke. How to Disagree and Stay Friends in America Today," featuring the Honorable David Blakeman and David Goodfriend. 

About the Speakers

The Honorable David Blakeman has served three presidents and has been involved in Republican politics for over four decades. He commentates now on TV, opines in print, and today is the business partner in a strategy firm with a well-known and respected Democrat. Politics does make strange work fellows.

David Goodfriend is a former deputy staff secretary to President Bill Clinton; frequent contributor on MSNBC, Fox News; co-founded Air-America radio and co-hosted "Left Jab" on Sirus/XM. Goodfriend is currently president of Goodfriend Governent Affairs and adjunct professor at Georgetown Law and George Washington Law schools.

View event flyer here. For more information, visit the Rosenker Center online.

About the Rosenker Center

The Mark and Heather Rosenker Center for Political Communication and Civic Leadership at UMD unites research, education, and public engagement to foster democratic communication by a diverse people.

The Rosenker Center is housed in the Department of Communication, a unit of the College of Arts and Humanities at UMD. Committed to the advancement of a diverse and productive democracy through the study of human communication, the Rosenker Center develops projects and sponsors events designed to explore the nexus between communication behavior and political life. The Rosenker Center is also a resource for the political community, offering expertise, analysis, and commentary about political communication.