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The College of Arts and Humanities recognizes that disciplines within the arts and humanities are increasing and inherently interdisciplinary. Therefore, the college continues to perfect organizational structures that support increased interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty and research, intellectual units, degree programs, events, and college-wide initiatives. The college’s interdisciplinary approach allows for the expansion of intellectual communities and further diversifies the curriculum to support the contemporary learning, teaching, and research needs of today’s faculty and college students.

The college is leading the way in interdisciplinary approaches to the arts and humanities by developing emerging fields like digital humanities, and offering area study programs that draw on multiple fields to open exciting, multifaceted views of such regions of the world as Latin America, the Middle East and East Asia. The recent IGERT award granted to the UM language community also speaks to ARHU’s strength and commitment to cultivate highly interdisciplinary projects that are organized to leverage and access the special intellectual knowledge of researchers across disciplines to solve complex problems.

Explore the links below to find information regarding interdisciplinary opportunities within ARHU: