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Robyn Muncy Interview

By Richie Bernardo | WalletHub 

Interim Chair of Women’s Studies and Professor of History at the University of Maryland, Robyn Muncy, addresses the financial challenges facing women today in an interview at WalletHub:

"What are the biggest financial issues facing women today?

"The financial issues that women face today range from low pay (women working full time make about 79 cents for every dollar that men make) to inadequate provision for retirement. Because women make less money than men and are often out of the labor market to care for children or other family members at some point in their adult lives, they often cannot save adequately for retirement or pay for health insurance or advanced education. Indeed, because they are as a group paid less than men, the causes and institutions that they believe in cannot hope for the same financial support as those in which men especially believe. These financial inequities sustain women’s subordination to men in American life."

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