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Barbara H. Haggh-Huglo

Barbara Haggh-Huglo, professor of musicicology, is among the seven fellows joining the interdisciplinary community at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (ISM) for the 2017-18 year.

The ISM is an interdisciplinary graduate center at Yale that fosters engagement with the sacred through music, worship, and the arts in Christian communities, diverse religious traditions, and public life.

ISM Fellows in Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts are scholars, religious leaders, or artists at all career stages whose work is in or is turning toward the fields of sacred music, liturgical/ritual studies, or religion and the arts. The fellows have numerous opportunities to share their work with the community and to teach, as well as to work on their individual projects using Yale’s vast resources. Following in the footsteps of previous classes of ISM fellows, the 2017-2018 group represents a cross-section of cultures and disciplines.

Barbara Haggh-Huglo is working on a two-part research project, combining data gathered from the first analysis of three medieval source-types from Ghent (hagiographical manuscripts, graduals and antiphoners, and aldermen’s registers) with broad interdisciplinary reading. After statistical analysis of data on repetition, creativity (its opposite), and value (through repetition or creativity), she will then interpret these data through wide reading of medieval theology known in Ghent (the most populous city north of Paris in 1400), comparisons of cities, studies of repetition in mathematics, philosophy, biology, linguistics, and education, and scholarship on the modern Church.

“The Institute is delighted to welcome these newest members of the community,” said Martin Jean, director of the ISM. “We look forward to a rich and fruitful dialogue that reflects the breadth and diversity of our mission.”

Visit the ISM website to learn more about this year's group of fellows.