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University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning (Michael Righi / Creative Commons)

By Carole Stabile | Ms. Magazine Blog

"My friend looked at me over the table. 'Can you accept the fact that you are going to lose?'

"We didn’t really have a choice.

"It was 2005. I was sitting across from a trusted and brilliant co-worker in a coffee shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the four years that had led up to this, we had done everything we could to change a climate in our department that was hostile toward women—one that harbored serial sexual harassers and that had a well-documented history of not being able to hire and retain women faculty. We were stressed out and emotionally strung out—and furious that the University of Pittsburgh chose to protect male faculty members in our department, refusing at every turn to address longstanding, well-documented problems in the department. The two of us loved our lives and communities in Pittsburgh, but we didn’t think that we could keep working in a climate that was hostile to women and people of color."

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Photo: University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning (Michael Righi / Creative Commons via Ms. Magazine Blog)

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