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Department of American Studies professor Jason Farman wins the Association of Internet Researchers Book Award.

Congratulations to Professor Jason Farman for winning the 2012 Association of Internet Researchers Book Award (AoIR).

The award committee of AoIR, an international organization that promotes scholarly research into the social, cultural, political, economic and aesthetic aspects of the Internet, said of Farman’s book, “Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media:”

“The committee was particularly impressed with Farman’s ability to bring into focus the centrality of place and lived time to the current and future analysis of connectivity and mediated communication. The book provided a nice combination of forward-thinking, theoretical yet empirically solid work grounded in a strong historical understanding of new media that opens up avenues for new research and new theory. “Mobile Interface Theory” also makes us look at the unfolding present and accept the changes foretold within. It has the potential to inform new scholarship, re-set directions, and remind us that, now, the Internet is not somewhere else, but right here, in our pockets, our minds, our places.”

Prof. Farman will be presenting a paper at the Internet Research 13.0 Doctoral Colloquium hosted by AoIR, October 18-20, at the University of Salford, UK.