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The Summer Research Fellowship provides support to outstanding University of Maryland doctoral students at “mid‐career,” that is, in the period approximately before, during, or after achievement of candidacy. The fellowships provide doctoral students the opportunity to concentrate fully on their own scholarly activities and research, for the duration of a summer, at a critical moment in their graduate studies.  The fellowships carry a stipend of $5,000 with specific cost-share requirements, as detailed in the Guidelines. These fellowships are not intended for dissertation completion and there is no tuition award.

ARHU Winners:

Melissa Benitez, American Studies

Dusty Dye, History

Chen Edrei, Comparative Literature

Brittany Ginder, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

Nabila Hijazi, English

Ashley Hufnagel, American Studies

Samuel Miner, History

Hillary Roegelein, English

Cara Snyder, Women's Studies

Justin Sprague, Women's Studies

Eleanor Stoltzfus, Art History

Sifan Xu, Communication

Devon Zimmerman, Art History