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Written by Maria Volkova, Plex

Photo courtesy of Roshangar

With exams wrapping up during the third week of December, students will be packing their bags and returning home to begin their winter breaks. Some will traverse around different continents; others will enjoy the comfort of relaxing and being with family. However, a group of students will not have time to rest their weary heads.

Nine University of Maryland students will put together Roshangar, a new undergraduate Persian studies journal that will be published online in January.

According to founder and co-editor-in-chief Mitra Namiranian, she got the idea of putting together an academic journal last semester after toiling away on a research project for one of her Persian classes.

“At one point in time I started thinking what a shame it is to have all of these papers and research projects that students work on and no one sees them, so I started thinking what can we do to change this,” said Namiranian, who majors in Persian studies and minors in Middle Eastern studies and international development and conflict management. “The projects are going to be saved on our computers and no one’s looking at it, so why have something that we can show off?”

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