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Film major returns to UMD as early as next fall.
By Lauren Kirkwood, The Diamondback

After decades without a film degree, the university will once again be offering students the option to major in film studies as early as the fall.
The University Senate voted yesterday, 76 to 7 with three abstentions, to approve the proposal for reinstating the major, which was eliminated in the early 1990s. The approval comes about five years after faculty members, many of them members of the non-degree-granting Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies, renewed the push to create a formal film studies major, which they say is in great demand on the campus.
Professor Luka Arsenjuk, who was hired last semester to teach two new film classes, said the major will capitalize on the wide variety of well-attended film studies classes offered in departments across the campus.
“The major will introduce some new classes and, in a larger sense, it’ll be using the courses and resources that are already here,” Arsenjuk said. “I definitely think there’s an interest.”


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