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Global Cultures

Professor Herf has reported on the University of Maryland-Tel Aviv University Workshop: “Israel and Europe: Probing Mutual Perceptions and Interpretations in the Diplomatic Archives, 1948-1990.”

VIDEO: AADHum Kick Off, Session 3

A group discussion on possible research questions related to themes of migration, labor and visual culture.
Kick Off: Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture Project-Research Questions
Rio Reader
Historian Daryle Williams discusses his new book "The Rio de Janeiro Reader," sharing his insights on the upcoming Olympics.
WORLDWISE: Arts and Humanities Deans Lecture Series
WORLDWISE Arts and Humanities Dean’s Lecture Series—Art, Peacebuilding and Social Change will feature eclectic mix of conversation, performance and video from three international activists who use art for social justice and post-traumatic healing.
Scene from Annie Hall, credit: United Artists
In her new book "Sex and Unisex: Fashion, Feminism, and the Sexual Revolution," Associate Professor of American Studies Jo Paoletti revisits the unisex trend.
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