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UMD art professor Hasan Elahi wrote an article in The Guardian in response to the court order to make Apple unlock a shooter's iPhone.
How Data Became the New Medium for Artists
A growing number of artists, including Hasan Elahi, are using data from self-tracking apps in their pieces, showing that creative work is as much a product of its technology as of its time.
Wed, 7/11/12

The City Paper's Bret McCabe on art professor Hasan Elahi's submission for the Sondheim Prize.

ARHU's Hasan Elahi discusses how his time as an FBI terrorist suspect led to a digital art.

OPINION: ARHU's Hasan Elahi discusses his interrogation and time on the F.B.I.'s terror watchlist.

VIDEO: Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am!

ARHU's Hasan Elahi weighs in on how he ended up on a government watch list, by accident, and his repsonse during this TED Talk.
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UMD's Hasan Elahi discusses art, national security, and his participation in an exhibition in Fresno, Calif., entitled Air Travel.
UMD's Hasan Elahi weighs-in at TEDGlobal on his response to being labeled - in error - a troublemaker by the US government.
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