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Copy a Term-Based Course in ELMS to a Master Course

If you have a term-based course in ELMS that is over two years old that you would like to teach again, you will need to move the course into a master course space in order to avoid deletion by OIT.

The process is basically two steps:
  1. Request the master course space
  2. Move the old course space into the new master space

Once you have set up your master course space, you can then request new term-based course spaces in the future to which you can copy your master space.

Note for Content Collection users: If you have items in the Content Collection, you will have to move them from the old course space into the new master course space's Content Collection folder. Later when you copy your master course space into a new term course space, you should check all links to make sure they still work, as you may have to re-link them again.

Copying an Existing Course to a Master Course in ELMS