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Digitize Media

Converting VHS to DVD

To convert VHS recordings to DVD, you will choose one of two processes:

  • a VHS-DVD converter ( stand-alone device) that will allow you make a direct copy from VHS to DVD
  • or VCR connected to a computer. While this method requires more equipment and steps to complete, you have more flexibility to edit your film, such as adding titles, chapter markers, and a more sophisticated menu. To use a computer to digitize a VHS tape, you will need:
    1. a VCR with VHS tape
    2. FireWire cable (IEEE 1394) to connect VCR and computer
    3. Converter box to convert the signal from analog to digital (we have the Canopus ADVC-100)
    4. software to capture the video (we use iMovie, but Windows Movie Maker will work for a PC)
    5. software to burn DVD (again, we use Apple’s iDVD, but there are a number options, including Windows DVD Maker, Nero, and Roxio)
    6. DVD –R drive with blank DVD

The Academic Technology Office in HZF 0128 has both a stand-alone VHS-DVD converter and a Mac workstation connected to a VCR.

Additional Resources

Digitizing VHS to DVD (PDF)

Making Clips from DVD

DVD clips must be ripped from DVDs using dvd decryption software such as Handbrake for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Saved video clips can then be edited or cut into clips with an editing program such as QuickTime Pro. After editing, they can be packaged together and burned to a new DVD, using a DVD program (we use iDVD), or used in online technology.

The Academic Technology Office in HZF 0128 has the appropriate technology available on 2 PC and 2 Mac workstations. Contact Heather Rodriguez to discuss your needs and reserve a workstation or to request Digitizing services. Please be sure to have copyright permission for non-original material.


QuickTime Pro

Request our assistance

If you would like your materials to be digitized for you, please contact Heather Rodriguez to discuss your needs. Feel free to review and/or print out and bring with you the Digitization Request Form.