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Make lectures available outside of class

Create and distribute a podcast

A podcast is a digital audio or video file that is broadcasted over the internet for users to download, frequently onto mobile devices such as MP3 players. The word podcast is a portmanteau of the words "pod", from Apple's popular MP3 player, the iPod, and "cast" from broadcast.Despite its name, podcasts are not exclusively limited to use with an iPod.

In order to select the right podcasting tool for your needs, you should consider how you want to make your podcast available. If you want to distribute the podcast in ELMS, you will be recording with either the Wimba Podcaster tool in ELMS (part of the Wimba Voice Tools suite), or Audacity, which will allow you to upload your file into ELMS's Podcast LX .

There are major differences between Podcast LX and Wimba Podcaster:

  • Wimba Podcaster actually allows you to record within ELMS, while Podcast LX only allows you to upload a file which you have already recorded, using software such as Audacity.
  • Wimba Podcaster will only allow you to record up to 20 minutes, while you can upload a podcast of any length to Podcast LX. Both tools will allow students to subscribe to your podcast so that their mobile devices will automatically download content whenever you add a new file.

Another alternative to distributing your podcasts within ELMS is iTunesU. After you're done recording in Audacity, you can upload your podcast to your iTunes U course space and allow students to access your content directly from the iTunes U site. They can also subscribe to your feed, so that all new uploaded podcasts will be immediately downloaded onto their mp3 device for listening at their convenience. Depending on what audience you want to reach, you can limit access to your podcast to your students, your college, or open to the public.


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Broadcast lectures with Streaming Media

The Office of Information Technology offers space on their server to host audio and video files that stream immediately from a web browser without downloading. This service is especially useful for broadcasting copyrighted material since Streaming Media does not allow the student to download the file. Additionally, Streaming Media allows you to broadcast live events. You have to embed your Streaming Media file into a webpage or ELMS in order to share with students. Note: Clickers may be used in tandem with ELMS adaptive release to restrict access to only those students who have attended the in-class lecture.


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Request our assistance with recording your lecture

Depending on your needs and our prior commitments, we may be available to record your lecture or event. Please contact Heather Rodriguez or call 301-405-6211.