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UTAP Student Application

The Student Application deadline is Friday, March 30, 2018.

You will be expected to attend every UTAP class (ARHU299T Special Problems in Arts and Humanities Tech Apprentice Program), which meets Fridays from 10am-12:30pm during the fall semester. By enrolling in this program and taking the UTAP course, you agree to work as a UTAP student (approximately 10 hours per week) for the entire spring semester.
Dr. Smith has a course space on ELMS, but she is not familiar with the ELMS collaboration tools. She would like to increase communication and discussion within her course. In order to achieve this goal, she wants to work with a UTAP student to plan and implement the use of more ELMS tools within her course. Dr. Logan will be teaching a subject in the spring for which there is no textbook. He wants to develop a robust course website to provide access to a broad range of materials (visual, musical, textual, otherwise unavailable, etc) For years Dr. Johnson has taught a large lecture course. This summer, she is planning to offer the course online. In the spring, she needs help developing an interactive online environment in which to host her course (discussions, materials, assignments, etc).
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