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Classroom Support Policies

  1. All equipment requests will be confirmed by email. Please review the information in the confirmation email carefully to verify its accuracy. Classroom Support will deliver and retrieve the equipment to the destination and at the times specified in the confirmation email message.
  2. AV technicians are required to wear identification and to secure the laptops and projectors to a relatively immobile object in the classroom. Please become familiar with the people who pick up and retrieve your equipment. Their badges and lanyards are issued by ARHU Academic Computing Services. Thieves have stolen equipment from occupied classrooms in the past.
  3. Never leave the equipment unattended. If you finish class early, you must wait with the equipment or call us at x50830 to see if we can pick up early. Leaving equipment unattended may result in the cancellation of future equipment reservations or refusal of future requests for equipment. 
  4. Staff will wait with delivered equipment only until the scheduled start time for your class. Because staff have other delivery commitments and equipment cannot be left in the classroom if you are not there to be responsible for its safety, the equipment will not be left in the classroom for your use if you arrive late. Please arrive on time.
  5. Cancel your reservation if you no longer need equipment. Our resources are always stretched to their limits, so if we know you will not need the equipment we can make it available to others. Call x50830 or send email to to let us know if your class is cancelled or if you will not need equipment you have reserved. Consistent failure to notify the Classroom Support Office of cancellations may result in denial of future requests for equipment
  6. We may interrupt your class to retrieve equipment if your lecture goes beyond the scheduled time. Equipment must be available for pickup no later than the scheduled ending time of your class. The equipment you use is often reserved for another class immediately following yours. We cannot inconvenience other professors to accommodate classes that do not end at their scheduled time. 
  7. Please schedule your appointments as far in advance as possible. This assures you will be able to get an appointment and also receive the best equipment.
  8. Undergraduate students cannot request reservations. If you'll be using our equipment for student presentations, please find out exactly what your students need. Ask your students if they require special programs or plug-ins. 
  9. Only Arts & Humanities courses will be supported.  If you need to borrow a computer or projector for a conference or an event not related to a specific Arts and Humanities class, you should contact the OIT library (x54261 or OIT’s rental fees range from $15 to $35 per day, depending on the hardware you need.
  10. No equipment reservations for anything other than classroom use will be accepted during the last month of each semester. We try to be supportive of requests to support lecture series and colloquia when resources are available but must focus on support for classes during the last month of the semester when demand for equipment is consistently very high.
  11. Resources are typically unavailable when classes are not in session. Granting requests for equipment during finals week or between semesters will be considered an exception to policy. If you need equipment at one of these times, please submit your request as early as possible as staff schedules are determined based on the demand for equipment and support services. 
  12. There will be a $15 delivery/retrieval charge to your department for laptop and AV equipment delivered to classrooms. This charge does not apply to delivery and retrieval of Campus-supplied carts for use in General Purpose classrooms in Francis Scott Key, Holzapfel, Woods, and Susquehanna. There is no charge for support services provided in technology-enhanced classrooms. Faculty can make arrangements to pickup and return portable equipment themselves (or identify a student to do so on their behalf) free of charge. To insure that equipment is available for as many classes as possible, if you have reserved equipment for pickup and determine that it is not needed, you must cancel the reservation with no less than 24 hours notice or there will be a charge to the unit.

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