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ARHU-News Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed for submission of messages for distribution by the arhu-news listserv list. Messages that do not follow these guidelines will not be accepted for distribution by the arhu-news list.

Messages must be submitted by a unit head in the College of Arts and Humanities or by an individual designated for making submissions on behalf of the unit. The person submitting the message is responsible for verifying that it adheres to the arhu-news guidelines.

Send arhu-news submisstions to: (not to any individual's email address).

Please follow these guidelines when drafting your message and when determining whether your itis appropriate for distribution to the arhu-news list:
  • Messages that will be submitted for distribution by the Campus FYI list are not eligible for distribution via arhu-news. Please do not submit a message to arhu-news if it will be or already has been publicized by the Campus FYI list. Guidelines and instructions for submitting messages to the Campus FYI list are available at
  • Messages must include information that is of general interest to the College community. (e.g., lecture series, conferences, events, scholarship opportunities, grant opportunities, memorial services).
  • No more than one message about an event will be distributed. Please verify that the message is complete and contains accurate information before submitting it to the list.
  • Messages must include contact information that can be used by people who want additional information about the opportunity or event. Include the name of an individual or sponsoring group, a phone number, an electronic mail address, and a url for a website (if applicable).
  • Please submit items by 4:00 p.m. at least one working day (Monday - Friday) before you wish the item to appear. This is necessary because the automated system posts items (after approval) during the night, when network traffic is lighter. Please don't request that an item be posted on a particular future date, as we cannot provide that service. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your message.
  • When submitting a message for distribution, the subject line of your submission will be used for the subject line of the actual message that is distributed. Please use a subject line that appropriately describes the content of your submission.
  • When submitting a message for distribution, please only include text that you wish to send to the College. Do not include any extra text (e.g., personal notes requesting that the message be distributed via arhu-news).