As specified in the ARHU Plan of Organization, the functions of the Collegiate Council are as follows:

  1. To act as the chief representative and advocate of the faculty of the college.

  2. To consult with the dean, department and program chairs and directors, and other collegiate administrators regarding programs within the college.

  3. To communicate matters of academic and administrative policy to college faculty and to respond to their concerns.

  4. To actively solicit information and opinion from college faculty on pending college matters and to communicate such information to the dean.

  5. To receive and consider recommendations from the dean or the provost and to advise the dean, university administrators, and community on matters of college concern.

  6. To promote excellence in instruction, research, and creative activities, and to advise the dean on long-range plans for the professional and physical development of the college.

  7. To supervise collegial referenda and set guidelines for election of council members and senate representatives.

  8. To facilitate college communication via forms, discussions, electronic information dissemination, and any or all other means of information dispersal. 

  9. To review and approve proposals for courses and curricula from units.

  10. To propose changes in the plan of organization and to propose and approve changes in its appendices.

  11. To consult with the provost, the search committee, and the president on selection of the dean of the college. This duty includes, but is not confined to: advising the provost on procedures for the search, forwarding concerns of the faculty of the college on matters regarding the selection of the dean, forwarding the names of candidates to be considered by the research committee, and responding to requests from the search committee and/or the appointing officer for evaluation of the candidates.