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Academic Planning Advisory Committee (APAC)

The committee is composed of: the dean, the college's financial officer, the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 2 members selected by the Administrative Council from among the chairs of the college's academic units, 2 members selected from the Collegiate Council, and 5 members of the faculty appointed by the dean with the advise and consent of the Collegiate Council.

Functions of the Committee:
  1. To review and make recommendations to the dean regarding strategic plans of the college's units. To deliberate and advise the dean in preparing the college's strategic plan.
  2. To review and advise the dean on the college's reversion and reallocation decisions in accord with guidelines supplied by the campus.
  3. To review and make recommendations to the dean regarding Directed Research Initiative Fund (DRIF) requests. To review and make recommendations to the Graduate School about supplemental funding for college projects.
  4. To review and make recommendations to the dean on the financial implications of proposals for new programs and curricula or for substantial changes in existing courses or curricula.
  5. To respond to other requests from the dean for advice on other business before the college with implication on resource allocation among the programs and priorities of the college.

Committee Members

Additional Councils & Committees

 *NOTE: The Collegiate Council is a parliamentary body, in which members are identified by and representative of the various instructional units within the college.  All other committees (APAC, APT, CNT, PCC) are non-parliamentary bodies.