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Committee on Programs, Courses, and Curricula (PCC)

The dean, with the advice and consent of the Collegiate Council, shall appoint members. The committee shall consist of five faculty, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student.

Functions of the PCC Committee:

The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the dean on all proposals for new programs and curricula, all courses (new or existing) related to such proposals, all proposals for new courses or for substantial changes in existing courses or curricula.

The committee, in making its recommendations, shall consider the soundness of the proposal, evidence of need and availability or resources, appropriateness of sponsoring groups, assurance of non-duplication, and conformity with established priorities, goals, and existing regulations.

The committee shall formulate and recommend to the Collegiate Council the academic priorities of the college regarding undergraduate and graduate programs and interdisciplinary and interdivisional studies. The committee shall review and recommend policies concerning matriculation and retention within the college, collegiate degrees, honors programs of the academic units within the college, and other matters pertaining to the instructional program of the college.

Committee Members
  • Wendy Jacobs, Art
  • Michael Hewitt, Music
  • Jan Padios, American Studies
  • Scott Trudell, English
  • Mehl Penrose, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Austin Bourgerie, Undergrad Student
  • Brittany Ginder, Grad Student
Ex-Officio Members
  • Robert Crane, ARHU Academic Advising, Student Affairs
  • Yelena Luckert, McKeldin Library
  • Alene Moyer, Dean's Office

             Betsy Yuen, Coordinator

 Additional Councils & Committees

 *NOTE: The Collegiate Council is a parliamentary body, in which members are identified by and representative of the various instructional units within the college.  All other committees (APAC, APT, CNT, PCC) are non-parliamentary bodies.