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Diversity News

Kick Off: Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture Project (Intro)
Bonnie Thornton Dill, Mariët Westermann, Neil Fraistat and President Loh offer an introduction to the AADHum initiative at Maryland.
Baltimore Stories: Narratives and Life of an American City: Kick-off Event, Westminster Highlights, raw footage, Raw 2, raw footage 3-SD 480p, raw footage 4-Small
This project gathered researchers, scholars, artists, social activists and the local community to discuss narrative, race and power in Baltimore.
Golf Symposium Sess 1
Scott Van Pelt, Steve Burkowski and George Bradford discuss the history of diversity in the world of professional golf.
MINORITY GOLF: Why Aren't More African Americans Playing Golf?
A recent symposium at the University of Maryland, "Race, Social Class and Professional Golf," addressed questions of race and social class in professional golf.