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Graduate Degree Programs

ARHU offers Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, MFA degrees, Masters of Professional Studies, and graduate Certificates:

  • M.A., M.M., Ph.D., and DMA degrees in over 18 disciplines including Art History and Archaeology, American Studies, Classics, Communication, Comparative Literature, English, Germanic Studies, History, Linguistics, Modern French Studies, Philosophy, Theater and Performance Studies, Music (Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Music Performance), Second Language Acquisition, Spanish, and Women’s Studies
  • MFAs and Masters of Professional Studies:  Art (Studio), Creative Writing, Dance, Interpretation, Music Performance, Theater Performance, Theater Design, Translation
  • Certificates: Critical Theory, Jewish Studies, Museum Scholarship and Material Culture, Interpretation, Second Language Acquisition, Translation, Women’s Studies
Degrees Offered Masters Doctoral Graduate Director(s) Phone Email
American Studies M.A. Ph.D. Psyche Williams-Forson 301-405-6931
Art History & Archaeology M.A. Ph.D. Alicia Volk 301-405-1482
Art (Studio Art) M.F.A.*   Dawn Gavin 301-405-1465
Classics M.A.   Judith Hallett 301-405-2024
Communication M.A. Ph.D. Kristy Maddux &
Brooke Liu
Comparative Literature   Ph.D. Sheila Jelen 301-405-3794
Creative Writing M.F.A.*   Stanley Plumly 301-405-3815
English Language & Literature M.A. Ph.D. Ralph Bauer 301-405-9647
French M.A Ph.D. Andrea Frisch 301-405-4028
German Language & Literature M.A. Ph.D. Hester Baer 301-405-4101
History M.A. Ph.D. Marsha Rozenblit 301-405-4267
Interpretation and Translation M.P.S.*   Shawn Parry-Giles 301 405-6527
Jewish Studies M.A.   Chip Manekin 301-405-4253
Linguistics   Ph.D. Howard Lasnik 301-405-4929
Music M.A., M.M. D.M.A., Ph.D. Pat Warfield 301-405-1274
Philosophy M.A. Ph.D. Mathias Frisch 301-405-5710
Second Language Acquisition M.A. Ph.D. Steven Ross 301-405-4246
Spanish M.A. Ph.D. Ryan Long 301-405-6446
Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies M.A., M.F.A.* Ph.D. Frank Hildy 301-405-3167
Women's Studies   Ph.D. Michelle Rowley 301-405-0981

*MFA = Master of Fine Arts; MPS = Masters of Professional Studies



Certificates Offered Graduate Contact Phone Email
Critical Theory Orrin Wang 301-405-3809
Jewish Studies Charles H. Manekin 301-405-4253
Museum Scholarship & Material Culture Mary Corbin Sies 301-405-1361
Interpretation and Translation Shawn Parry-Giles 301 405 -6527
Second Language Acquisition Steve Ross 301-405-4246
Women's Studies Deborah Rosenfelt 301-405-6883