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Networking, Interviewing, and Cover Letter Writing Skills:

Are you considering a career outside of academia but don't know where to start?

Essays on job areas, the job process, and employer needs: Inside Higher Ed - Carpe Career

The Chronical of Higher Ed has a great new (free!) feature called which as a free dossier service, among other useful things.

Check out  Versatile PhD (VPhD), a new online resource that helps you identify, prepare for, and excel in multiple career paths in the humanities, social science and STEM fields. Many of the skills you develop during your doctoral studies can be applied to a variety of careers in higher education and in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The Versatile PhD can help you make the right choice for your career.

Its key feature, the PhD Career Finder, is an interactive tool that allows you to explore careers based on your academic discipline and to see real-life examples of PhDs and ABDs who entered multiple career paths: their stories, advice, inside information about their fields, even the actual resumes and cover letters they used to get their first post-academic jobs! The Graduate School has purchased an institutional membership to VPhD. This means that you get premium access to this resource simply be being a UMD graduate student!

The Chronicle of Higher Ed also has a piece: The PhD's Guide to a Non-faculty Job Search

More Pathways beyond the Academy:                                                                                

For those interested in academic jobs, we suggest the following resources:

Job Databases: