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The Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Board

Graduate Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is two-fold:

  • to offer a forum for voicing student ideas and concerns about pertinent university and college issues
  • to provide input to the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities on college issues and concerns

To take an idea or concern to the board, contact the representative from your department (below) or e-mail Associate Dean Alene Moyer.

For additional assistance, visit the Dean's Office or UM Graduate School.

Dean Bonnie Thornton Dill  
Associate Dean Alene Moyer  
Shoji Sanders AMST
Zac Benson ARTT
Gretchen Stricker ARTH
William Austin CLAS
Martina Domnick CMLT
Nora Murphy COMM
Shaun Russell ENGL
Thomas Messersmith HIST
William Kenlon MUSC
Kelsey Gipe PHIL
Morgan McMahon SLLC- FRMS
Eric Pelzl SLLC- SLA
Kayla Watson SLLC- SPAP 
Tom Kluber SLLC- GERS
Brittany Ginder TDPS
Courtney Cook WMST

*If your department does not have a current representative, please contact your Graduate Program Director.