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Campus and Community

The UM Campus has a wealth of resources to enrich your graduate experience, through its excellent libraries, Teaching and Learning Transformation Center, Career Center, Counseling Center, Health Center, Campus Recreation Center, and many other services. See our Student Life and Resources page for a list. Be sure to also check out the Grad Student LIfe link on the Grad Student Government page for social events, and stop by the Grad Student Pub!

Graduate Student Government hosts an annual Graduate Research Appreciation Day (GRAD) where grad students can share their research, obtain faculty and peer feedback, and hone their conference presentation skills in an on-campus, conference-style venue. GRID fosters healthy competition among students by recognizing and awarding the best presentations from subject-themed oral and poster presentation sessions.

Graduate Student Organizations within the College of Arts and Humanities        
Art History Association (AHA)

GAHA is established in order to further the academic, professional, and social goals of graduate students in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at the University of Maryland.

Graduate Association for Students of Performance (GASP)

GASP is a service organization for graduate students in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. It is dedicated to improving the academic, professional, and personal lives of its members through participation in departmental and University activities.

Graduate English Organization (GEO)

The Graduate English Organization (GEO) is established to promote community among the English graduate students and interaction with other campus organizations, to encourage the professional growth of the members and to improve working conditions for those associated with the organization.

History Graduate Student Association (HGSA)

The HGSA is established for the expressed purpose of fostering an academic and social community among the graduate students of the Department of History at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Linguistic Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

The LGSA is formed specifically to promote the academic, professional, and personal welfare and interests of graduate students within the University of Maryland, College of Arts and Humanities, Department of Linguistics. It is committed to fostering a culture of scholarship & community

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Graduate Student Organization (NACS GSO) (NACS GSO)

To provide a structure and mechanism for bringing together students interested in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with the goal of fostering collaboration and integration across many different departments at on campus and at the NIH.

Philosophy Graduate Student Association (Philosophy GSA)

The Philosophy Graduate Student Association aims to foster a culture of collaboration and personal investment among the graduate students in the philosophy department by encouraging them to be involved in planning and executing the various events and activities to be undertaken in the philosophy department by The Organization, and to be engaged in the academic life of the department by participating in the various reading groups and standing committees to be organized both under the auspices of The Organization, and independently.

Queer Grads (Queer Grads)

Queer Grads facilitates interdisciplinary discussions and events regarding scholarship in LGBT and Queer Studies. The group provides an intellectual space for both graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities to workshop questions, methods, writing, outreach, and allied support in the development of queer scholarship

SLLC Graduate Conference Committee (SLLC GCC)

To organize and advocate the SLLC Graduate Conference 2010.

SLLC Graduate Student Forum (SLLC Graduate Student Forum)

We are responsible for organizing and promoting the annual graduate student conference of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies of Performing Arts (SISPA)

This group's purpose is to create an atmosphere of camaraderie among those pursuing graduate research on topics relating to ethnomusicology; facilitate scholarly discourse on performing arts and their cultural contexts; raise awareness of ethnomusicology within the University of Maryland and the larger surrounding community; and encourage communication between students, faculty, and administration regarding these topics.

The Association of Communication Graduate Students at Maryland (Communication GSA)

The Association of Communication Graduate Students at Maryland is established for the expressed purpose of developing social and academic support for communication graduate students as they pursue their scholarly and professional interests. The primary goal of this organization is to assist its members in the development of professional and academic success by advocating communication graduate student needs and concerns.

Women's Studies Graduate Student Association (Women's Studies GSA)

To provide professional support, advocacy and departmental representation for graduate students in Women�s Studies and to foster equality among scholars across gender, race, class, sexuality, nationality, ability and other social inequalities

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