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The Honors Humanities Program has announced a call for 2010-2011 Distinguished Faculty Felllows applications.

Honors Humanities, one of the University of Maryland’s two premier programs within the Honors College for talented undergraduates with interests in the humanities and creative arts, welcomes applications for its second annual Honors Humanities Distinguished Faculty Fellows. The Faculty Fellows program is part of the university’s greater initiative to honor and integrate within the university’s finest academic programs its most dedicated and innovative faculty. Distinguished Faculty Fellows would work with the Honors Humanities program for the academic year 2010-2011.

Fellow responsibilities extend over two semesters. In the Fall, Fellows join the Honors Humanities community and get to know the students. Fellows deliver one public lecture concerning their research and introducing Honors Humanities students to their academic discipline generally. They also attend at least 3 Honors Humanities events (the opening get-together for new students, for example). In the Spring, Fellows teach one section of the small seminar course HHUM 106, “Practical Applications in the Arts.” HHUM 106 is a flexible course predicated on the intensive and critical study of some artistic or cultural form (in art, dance, music, film, theater, architecture, literature, philosophy, history, digital studies, etc.), and in which students ultimately produce an instance of that form. Past offerings of ARHU 106 have centered on the study of Southern blues music, avant-garde theater and drama, the graphic novel, the blogosphere, creative nonfiction, television screenplays, and contemporary comedy. Future offerings could extend to any expressive or analytic form of some significant bearing on human culture, society, and their diversities.

Faculty Fellows must be tenured or tenure-track faculty at the University of Maryland. The Fellowship carries a $5000 stipend and a course buyout from Fellows’ home departments in the Spring.

To apply for an Honors Humanities Distinguished Fellow position:

Please send a brief letter describing your research and the course you propose teaching to Dr. Valerie Orlando, Director of Honors Humanities and Professor of French and Francophone Literatures.

All letters need to be received prior to Monday, June 7th.

Visit Honors Humanities for more information on the program and examples of its courses.
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