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Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities (DSAH) is an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate at the University of Maryland.

It offers graduate students a chance to combine the critical study of new forms of digital media and identity with creative and analytical practices utilizing digital media as well as the application of computational tools and techniques to traditional areas of humanistic study. While it is often hands-on or applied, Digital Studies also encourages—indeed demands—work that is primarily critical, theoretical, or experimental in nature.

Broadly speaking then, Digital Studies is a critical, scholarly, and creative response to the widespread influence of digital media across nearly every aspect of contemporary life; more specifically, it recognizes that teaching, research, and scholarship in the arts and humanities cannot remain isolated from the networks, platforms, and new media all around us. Scholars and practitioners of the arts and humanities should play an active critical and creative role in shaping both reception and development of digital media, both in our disciplines and in society at large.

For more information, visit the DSAH website.

Image by Antonio Roberts via DSAH, Desktop wallpaper passed through the Pure Data File Killer glitch-patch