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Statue of Frederick Douglass in Hornbake Plaza

Liam Farrell | TERP


"The events of recent months have prompted concerned conversations in office corridors; debates online and in newspaper columns; pensive commutes to and from work.

Terp reached out to people from across the spectrum of our community—faculty, staff, students and alumni—and asked for their thoughts on hate in America and on college campuses, and how institutions and individuals can find a path forward."


Transcript of Ana Patricia Rodriguez Associate Professor, U.S. Latina/o and Central American Literatures:

"Why do you think hate-related incidents have taken place on college campuses nationwide, including ours?
I think there are many unresolved issues on college campuses. I think that we’ve put Band-Aids on problems and issues on campus and in society, so there’s always been a need for dialogue around issues. On campuses, despite the fact that we have diversity initiatives, dialogues and town hall forums, we gather, we talk and that’s the end of it—as if the only thing that we are striving for is to have a discussion. Yet implementing something that will bring people together and change real-life situations often doesn’t happen. So some of us harbor misperceptions about others because of lack of information, lack of informed knowledge—and we end up projecting and not really dealing with the issues at hand."

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Photo: John T. Consoli via TERP

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