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Iranian woman voting. AFP Photo

Fatemeh Keshavarz | Huffington Post

Fatemeh Keshavarz, director of the School of Languages and Literatures, weighs in on the recent elections in Iran:

"Dear Mr. Trump, when you were dancing in Riyadh and calling for a “regime change” in Iran, the Iranians were changing their regime, just a little more. This is what they have been doing over the past decade, step by step, one election at a time, and without American boots on the ground. That is without carnage, which you would like to end. You might argue that those elections are not really democratic as select candidates receive support while other, potentially qualified, ones are barred. I agree with you — except it will be ironic from a billionaire who financed his own way to the Whitehouse.

"Mr. Trump, if you were interested in reading, I would refer you to book after book that describe the complexity and vibrancy of current Iranian society; a book like A History of Modern Iran by the distinguished historian of Iran Ervand Abrahamian (himself of Christian Armenian heritage). Or, you could simply browse the web to read about Iranian women populating top Iranian universities, illiteracy rates close to zero among the 15 to 25 year olds, women writers occupying the bestseller list, its annual book fair attracting over 2 million people to the capital, its bloggers numbering among the top three in the world on the internet, its cinema claiming first prize in the prestigious film festivals, its music, theatre, flower festivals, and more."

Read her complete article at the Huffington Post.

Image: Iranian woman voting. AFP Photo via Rudaw.

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