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New Fall Course -- Contemporary Iranian Youth Culture

Contemporary Iranian Youth Culture Fall Class
Hailed as “Iran’s young rebels” on the surge of “passionate uprising” and “lipstick
jihad,” for the past two decades Iranian youth and their culture have captured the
attention of media outside of Iran. Their tendencies toward extravagant fashion,
make-up, and “unpermitted” underground music practices, drugs and alcohol
consumption, co-ed socializing and online social media have often been juxtaposed
with harsh disciplinary mechanisms imposed by the state.
Going beyond stereotypical depictions, this interdisciplinary course uses the lens
of youth culture to give students a better understanding of Iranian society, culture,
and gender politics.
Primary sources and the class discussions will be in Persian while the course
readings will mainly be in English.
Fall 2015
Mondays 9:00-11:45am
Dr. Ida Meftahi