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Pneumatic Tubes: The Instant Messaging Technology That Transformed the World

June 13, 2018 American Studies | College of Arts and Humanities


Associate Professor of American Studies Jason Farman discusses his forthcoming book on communication technology and time.

Presented by Phillip Adams | "Late Night Live," Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Jason Farman, associate professor of American Studies and director of the Design Cultures and Creativity Program, discusses his book, "Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World," forthcoming this fall from Yale University Press, on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's live radio show, "Late Night Live."    Listen to the complete interview here.   Image: Photograph showing an operator preparing to feed a carrier holding about 500 letters into the transmitter for dispatch through the tube from Brooklyn Post Office to the New York General Post Office. C. 1899. (SSPL/Getty Images via "Late Night Live," Australian Broadcasting Corporation)