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By John Powers | The Diamondback

"Standing in a repurposed shipping container with a gold-colored exterior, Jake Levin talked about his company's latest project. His demeanor was friendly and intimate, never awkward or forced. He had a strong presence — even though he was located hundreds of miles away in Brooklyn, New York.

"The conversation was made possible because of Shared Studio's portals project, which debuted in 2014 as an immersive, full body way to connect people from across the world in a shared space. And this university now has one of those exhibits on its campus outside of The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

" 'We want people to re-examine how space is shared globally,' Levin said from the other end of the portal's video stream. The portal enables all sorts of connections like this across the globe, including in Mexico City, Rwanda and Middle East refugee camps."

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