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By Julie Greene | The Organization of American Historians

"With support from the OAH and the American History Research Association of China (AHRAC), I had the good fortune to spend a week at Sichuan University in Chengdu in June, lecturing on “Social Responses to U.S. Industrialization.” I was selected for the OAH/AHRAC China Residency Program, funded by the Ford Foundation. Over the years, through my work co-directing the Center for Global Migration Studies with Ira Berlin at the University of Maryland, I’ve learned how international collaborations and dialogue can benefit my own and, by extension, my students’ intellectual lives. So, I was delighted to join the roster of scholars representing the OAH in China through this residency program. Our workshop focused chronologically on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. We met for six hours each day for five days, with a lengthy lunch break in the middle. Thirty-two graduate students and faculty from across China participated in the workshop. It was a great honor to work with everyone at Sichuan: the participants came well prepared and ready for a complex exploration of the topic and brainstorming about areas that would benefit from more research. The result? A highly productive week of intellectual exchange and collaboration."

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Image via The Organization of American Historians.

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