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Lauren Brown | TERP

"Three European museums with panels of the artwork have provided high-resolution digital scans to the university—the centerpiece of an exhibition opening June 6—and students in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and School of Music and beyond are studying them in order to recreate the sounds, sights and sense of the pageant, 400 years later.

“'The whole idea is to showcase the unbelievable work our students are doing, give them the training to be leaders in this work and open up new approaches and new ways of thinking,' says Franklin Hildy, theatre history professor and director of the new International Program for Creative Collaboration and Research.

"This program, funded through a recent 10-year, $10 million anonymous gift to the performing arts, includes allowing graduate students to travel abroad to study medieval and Renaissance clothing construction, for example, and to consult with experts from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London."

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Photo by John T. Consoli 

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