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Loose Equipment Request Form

Please Note: If the nature of your request makes it difficult for you to complete this form, you may also send us an e-mail at arhu-itequip@umd.eduWhen sending an e-mail, please include your name, phone number, the name and course number for which you need the equipment, and the date, time and location of the class.  If you are requesting a computer, please also tell us what operating system you prefer (Windows or Macintosh), and whether or not you will require internet access.

Contact Information

Please give us some information about the person who will be there (Someone must be present)

Event Information
Please separate dates by commas, like so: 7/14/2013, 7/22/2013 ...
*Note: Our technicians will arrive about 10 minutes before your event begins to set up equipment
If the building you're looking for isn't in the above list, enter it here.
Equipment Information

Please remember: Loose equipment is provided on a first-come, first-served basis to individuals teaching within the College of Arts and Humanities.

After your request has been received, ARHU Classroom Support will review you request within one business day.  We will send you a confirmation of your reservation status upon review. Please submit your request as far in advance of your class session or event as possible. 

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