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Tech Installed Classroom Orientation

ARHU Classroom Support provides orientation and training for Faculty, Staff, TAs and other users in the technology installed classrooms we support. Please complete the form below to schedule an orientation with our technicians. If the nature of your request makes it difficult for you to complete this form, you may also send us an e-mail at When sending an e-mail, please include your name, phone number, and room you would like an orientation in.

Contact Information
Course/Event Information

Please note that if the building and room you are requesting orientation for is not on this list, you should contact the Division of IT’s Single Point of Contact at 301-314-8522 (x48522) to request an orientation from the appropriate local classroom support office.

Assistance/Orientation Information

After your request has been received, ARHU Classroom Support will review you request within one business day.  Please submit your request as far in advance as possible.  Our office will need to find out when your room is not in use in order to schedule your orientation. We will contact you with a list of dates and times the room is open for an orientation session.

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