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Dean's Exception to Policy to late add a course from the current semester

Each of the following items MUST be completed to submit the request for review.  Any exception request that does not include this information will not be reviewed.  In addition, students requesting any exceptions must do so with their primary college.  This form is for the use of ARHU primary majors only.

Please indicate your primary major. Students who are NOT primary Arts and Humanities majors must file any exception requests through their primary advising college and should not complete this request form.
Course Info
Exception Info
To support your request, an email is required to verify instructor permission to add courses past the schedule adjustment deadline. This email must be sent by your instructor to within 7 days of your exception to policy submission. - All exceptions will be reviewed with the documentation provided. It is in the student's best interest to submit all required documents in a timely manner.
Statements of Understanding
I understand that if I have not received a response within 7-10 business days it is my responsibility to email to inquire about the status of my request.
Initial Here
I understand that by requesting to add this course I will be responsible for any additional fees accrued resulting from this action.
Initial Here
I understand that I must adhere to the expectations of my instructor due to the late registration for this course
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