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Dean's Exception to Policy-Time Conflict

Each of the following items MUST be completed to submit the request for review.  Any exception request that does not include this information will not be reviewed.  In addition, students requesting any exceptions must do so with their primary college.  This form is for the use of ARHU primary majors only.

In addition to completing this form, instructor support must be sent to in order for requests to be reviewed.

Course Conflict Info
Exception Info
In the space below please provide a brief explanation of your request.
Statements of Understanding
Initial Here
I understand that if I have not received a response within 7-10 business days it is my responsibility to email to inquire about the status of my request.
Initial Here
I understand that I must request that the instructor allowing me to miss a portion of his/her class provide support of this request via email to in order for the request to be reviewed.
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