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Online Forms

Below are forms that are required for certain approvals at the departmental and college level. Complete the form using the guidelines provided and bring the form to the Office of Student Affairs to complete the process. If you are required to meet with an advisor, come in for our [walk-ins] to discuss and process your request.


Academic Plan Worksheet This grid may be used as a tool for your academic planning. You may bring it to your major and ARHU advisors to review for accuracy. This does not replace official audits and the Academic Plan Checklist you will receive from your major and college advisors.
Late Graduation Application Form

If you missed the Graduation Application deadline,

  1. Complete the top portion and “Contact/mailing” section at the bottom.
  2. Meet with your major advisor to complete the “Major Information” section
  3. Meet with an ARHU advisor during an appointment or walk-ins to process your request (this form will not be processed at the front counter).
Parent Access form Complete this form to grant permission for advisors to discuss your academic records with third parties.
Permission to Enroll form To take courses at other institutions, please follow the permission to enroll process.

If you are on academic probation, bring this completed form to your advising session or email it to Ms. Tanesha Leathers in advance of your scheduled meeting.