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Degree Requirements

Major Requirements

  • All students must complete a program of study consisting of a major (a field of concentration). No program shall require an excess of 60 semester hours.
  • A major shall consist, in addition to the lower-division department prerequisites, of 24 to 40 hours, at least 12 of which must be in courses numbered 300 or 400 and at least 12 of which must be taken at the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • A department sometimes requires a secondary field of concentration (supporting courses). The nature and number of these courses are determined by the department.
  • No course grade below the grade of C- may fulfill any major course requirement. No course for the major or support module may be taken pass-fail.
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 in the major is required for graduation.
  • Certain departments have mandatory advising; students should consult the department in which they will major for specific details.

College Requirements

  • All ARHU freshmen (excluding students participating in one of the following programs: Honors, Honors Humanities, Gemstone, College Park Scholars, Writers' House, Civicus, or Global Communities) must take ARHU158, Explorations in Arts and Humanities, during their first semester on campus.
  • All ARHU students, with the exception of students earning a Bachelor of Music degree, must earn a minimum of 45 hours of upper-level credit. Students earning a Bachelor of Music degree should consult a Music advisor.

Global Engagement Requirement (formerly Foreign Language Requirement) effective Fall 2011 for newly admitted Arts and Humanities students

  • The ARHU Global Engagement Requirement responds to the University Strategic Plan's call for students to "be prepared to live, work, and thrive in the current and future world environment."  We believe that the development of cultural competence will result in the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures and is an integral componenet in an arts and humanities education.
For more information, please see an advisor in the ARHU Office of Student Affairs or call 301-405-2108.

University Requirements