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I want to take a language course

Students may take the FLPA in any of the following languages:

Arabic Chinese French
German Hebrew Italian
Japanese Korean Persian
Portuguese Russian Spanish
  • If you would like to pursue Greek or Latin, click on the language to contact the department for its language assessment.
  • If your language is not listed, it is not offered at UMD and you will not be able to take the FLPA.

All students must take the FLPA, unless you have completed the UMD prerequisite for the language course(s) you plan to take (via college-level/AP/IB credit). Your prerequisite credit can serve as placement into subsequent language courses.

Log on to the FLPA to take the language assessment. You will need an active Directory ID to log in.  You will have 90 minutes to complete the assessment, and will be able to see the results immediately upon submission. If you are directed to contact an advisor, you should contact an advisor in the appropriate language unit. If you have any technical issues with assessment contact