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Undergraduate Research

Are you curious about a topic? Research involves inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, application, writing and/or performance. It can be faculty mentored or self-directed work that enables individual students or small groups of students to explore an issue of interest to them, and share the results to others. Our proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore affords students immediate connection and the ability to research a local, national, or international issue, as well as an increased appreciation of the value of multidisciplinary approaches.

For more information, visit the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. Also consider the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

In a rare and not-to-be missed solo performance at The Clarice of his own compositions, Ibrahim’s gift is pure artistry shorn of theatrics.
Thu, 9/25/14 - 10:58 AM
The festival—sponsored by the Government of Spain, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Latin American Studies Center—runs mid-October through mid-November in the basement of St. Mary’s Hall and features five recent films from various locations in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.
Mon, 9/22/14 - 3:11 PM
Global Communities partners with Language House, Maryland English Institute & the Honors College to debut documentary
The exhibition features more than 90 works by artist Robert Blackburn and an additional 10 works by his contemporaries.
Mon, 9/15/14 - 3:06 PM

To celebrate Latino Heritage Month, stop by for a salsa lesson given by LASC's director, Prof.

Thu, 9/11/14 - 4:08 PM

Language Science Day (LSD) is the flagship event of the year’s language science activities and gives students and faculty an opportunity to showcase ongoing projects, facilitate networking among p

Thu, 9/11/14 - 3:01 PM

Robert Blackburn: Passages features about 90 works by Blackburn and 10 by his contemporaries such as Charles Alston, Will Barnet, Grace Hartigan, Robin Holder, and Norman Lewis.

Heath Across Borders
Join the Center for the History of the New America and the Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland on September 18th-19th!

Most people associate Sigmund Freud with the assertion that speech errors reveal repressed thoughts, a claim that does not have a great deal of support.

A lecture presented by artist Kine Aw on her identity as an African artist living between two continents, and on the connection between tradition and modernity as a recurrent theme in her work.

Professor Wali Ahmadi, a native of Kabul, Afghanistan, came to the United Steates after  graduating from high school in 1982. He received a B.A.
Photo credit: Stephanie Natoli
A group of 150 students, faculty and guest panelists gathered in the Stamp Student Union's Atrium to discuss the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and the Art Gallery both received grants through the Maryland Arts Council's “Grants for Organizations” program.
Please join us for Ms. Saideh Ghods’s presentation entitled, “Fighting Pediatric Cancer in Iran” on Monday, June 30, 2014 from 12:00PM -1:00PM at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. This event is free and open to the public. Ms. Saideh Ghods is a wonderful Iranian woman philanthropist, entrepreneur and community organizer. She is also the founder of the MAHAK, one of the most impressive charitable organizations in Iran that supports children with cancer. Please see the attached PDF and Library of Congress room location map.
Jason Farman
Assistant Professor Jason Farman will develop courses combining new digital media with the arts and humanities.
Mon, 5/12/14 - 10:36 AM
Turtle meme
The Art Gallery's digital exhibition "What's in a Meme?" displayed viral internet memes. Story from Terp Magazine.
The 6 month lecture series accompanying "A Thousand Years of the Persian Book" exhibit is cosponsored by  Roshan Institute for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland, and made possible with
Faculty members from Spanish and Portuguese, Sociology and History will discuss a new book from Anthropology professor Judith Freidenberg.