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Undergraduate Research

Are you curious about a topic? Research involves inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, application, writing and/or performance. It can be faculty mentored or self-directed work that enables individual students or small groups of students to explore an issue of interest to them, and share the results to others. Our proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore affords students immediate connection and the ability to research a local, national, or international issue, as well as an increased appreciation of the value of multidisciplinary approaches.

For more information, visit the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. Also consider the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

The Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies invite you to attend an afternoon talk featuring guest
Foon Sham's "Chapel Wood Vessel."
UMD professor Foon Sham and graduate student Dane Winkler display their work at the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia.
UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and the African Continuum Theatre Company host an all-day conference on the future of Black theatre.
Thu, 2/27/14 - 11:07 AM
Join us for the Persian Flagship's biweekly Cultural Club on Wednesday, March 12th for a discussion on Nowruz, the Persian New Year.
Despite scholarly opposition toward her groundbreaking book, “Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings: An American Controversy,” historian, Harvard Law School professor and Pulitzer Prize winner Annette Gordon-Reed published an unrelenting body of research that led to a 1998 DNA test that proved the once-rumored relationship between Jefferson and the woman he owned. Her current work continues the story of the Hemings-Jefferson family. She too serves as a humanities commission member for the "Heart of the Matter."
Wed, 2/12/14 - 4:08 PM
Celebrate Women’s Day with Roshan Institute for Persian Studies. The event will have Skype calls with Iran, Music, Guest Speakers, Food, Dance Performance and More!
Mon, 2/3/14 - 4:49 PM
A Witnessing To History
Join the David C. Driskell Center for "A Witnessing History," featuring a historic discussion on race, politics and cultural movements with personal reflections from Distinguished University Professors Ira Berlin and David C. Driskell.
Charles White
The Driskell Center kicks off the new year with an exhibition featuring Charles White, including over 50 prints, paintings and drawings that span his 50 year career.
We are pleased to announce our special upcoming concert on February 2, 2014 to honor Ostad Shahnaz and Ostad Kasa’i. The concert features great masters of classical Persian music Hossein Alizadeh, Hossein Omoumi, and Pejman Hadadi. To purchase tickets visit:
Dance MFA candidate Jessie Laurita-Spanglet explores habits with movement and text in graduate thesis concert.
Photo by James Levin; courtesy The Diamondback.
Worldwise Arts & Humanities Dean's Lecture Series speaker John Lithgow provided insight on the arts and humanities.
On Wednesday, November 6th, Ms. Rashin Kheiriyeh will give a lecture about the History of Persian Illustration from 12:00 PM- 1:30PM at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Sung-Min Kim; courtesy The Diamondback
10 Language House clusters faced off in the program’s second annual Around the World Film Festival.
On Tuesday, October 22th, Mr. Kazem Davoudian will give a lecture about Persian Musical Instruments from 3:00 PM- 4:30PM in the Multi-Purpose Room at St. Mary’s Hall at the University of Maryland.
On October 8th, 2013, Dr. Hooman Koliji from the School of Architecture at the University of Maryland presented a lecture on the architecture of Persian gardens, focusing on some of the most famous gardens in Iran including the Shazdeh Garden located in Mahan, a city in Kerman and Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan. Dr.Koliji focused on the connection between the layout of the gardens and the imagination of the designers, who were aiming to reflect the idea of an ‘earthly paradise’ in their designs. He also talked about the significance of water elements in Persian gardens and how they were used along with walkways to give rise to the Chahar Bagh design of Persian gardens. Chahar Bagh is a garden layout in which the garden is divided such that is forms four parts with intersecting paths that form the quadrants.